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Rite-Kem, Inc., is a chemical manufacturer and distributor in Tupelo, Mississippi. Rite-Kem manufacturers upwards of 350 products from deck wash for aircraft carriers to dishwashing liquid, including a line of all-natural products. Rite-Kem also distributes over 4,000 products from other manufacturers. Rite-Kem sells its products locally, online through its own e-commerce website, on Amazon, and through multiple government contracts.

Mark Lovil started Rite-Kem in 1992 on the idea of providing the best product at the best possible price. Under his leadership, Rite-Kem constantly strives to improve and innovate our product line to provide to you, the customer, the very best on the market.

We know that our full line of chemicals, equipment and specialty products are the best because of our continued business from our satisfied customers. We offer quality products at competitive prices. And, we invest in our products for the best formula that are cost-efficient. We also work with our customers to give them the quantities they need, so that neither they nor we are wasting product.

Rite-Kem believes it brings a uniqueness to the market functioning as both a manufacturer and distributor.

From a manufacturing perspective, Rite-Kem can bring the expertise of understanding the development and manufacture of products to the government. This benefit is frequently revealed when the government calls Rite-Kem to discuss specific product needs. Years of experience and expertise in product manufacturing and development are just not available to distributors.

As a distributor, Rite-Kem believes it has the confidence of larger companies/suppliers by virtue of its history, both with the larger companies and the government. Most large manufacturing companies are not interested in bidding government contracts, which would force them to distribute products from other companies. Rite-Kem has developed important preferred vendor/distributor status with most of the largest manufacturing companies to give these manufacturing companies access to sell to the government through Rite-Kem's contracts. The major suppliers in Rite-Kem's space are Gojo, Permatex, Ecolab, and Zep. Rite-Kem has developed close relationships with these large manufacturers and is currently considered more of a peer. Rite-Kem receives preferential pricing from these manufacturers over many of the other distributors in the government contracting space. This gives Rite-Kem the ability to give better prices for distributed products than most other competitors, giving Rite-Kem the ability to be more competitive.

Rite-Kem believes it is flexible enough to provide a larger offering of products through the combination of manufacturing and distribution. Rite-Kem is pleased to open its pages to other qualified marketers to sell their products as well. The goal is a satisfied customer regardless of what product is sold or who sells it. We welcome our qualified sales partners. This is Rite-Kem's additional investment to customer satisfaction.

Rite-Kem currently has a single Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Requisition Channel blanket purchase agreement (BPA) in the Jan-San market awarded in 2016. This is a five-year award that will be re-bid in the fall of 2020. Rite-Kem was awarded an FSSI Supply Channel BPA in 2019 in the Jan-San and Chemical area. The supply channel BPA provides access for buyers to buy manufactured or distributed items online via credit card purchases. Rite-Kem has multiple single-item or small BPAs with the GSA.

Rite-Kem was also awarded a a BPA in 2018 to supply hygiene products packaged in personal care kits to distribute during times of national emergency such as hurricanes.

We look forward to establishing and maintaining the quality relationship which you deserve, and we believe the Rite-Kem Marketplace will prove to be the "Rite" choice.

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